Alternative Angles: Considering different approaches to 2D digitisation

Working in digitisation as an Imaging Technician at the British Library, I know the digitisation process is typically a standardised and uniformed procedure. Metamorfoze, the National Programme for the Preservation of Paper Heritage in the Netherlands, provides a set of

Archives ‘on the go’: ‘What Was Here?’ uses technology to bring content from the ‘research room’ into the wider world, for self-directed exploration.

Introduction In June 2019, the East Riding Archives (Beverley, East Yorkshire, England) officially launched its new app, called ‘What Was Here?’. This marked the culmination of a 4-year journey in which we had sought to find new ways of engaging

The journey from a records management system to a digital preservation system

“People have had a lot of trouble getting stuff out of RecordPoint.” This sentence was a little worrying to hear. It was 2015, and our archive was contemplating digital preservation for the first time. We didn’t really know what it